Hello !
I am Mohsinah.
A product photographer based in Karachi & founder of Aks Creations

My interest in photography cultivated as a child when I saw my father capturing photos of us as kids. He loved preserving moments and for him capturing photos was a hobby that he enjoyed apart from his professional life. The idea of creating Aks Creations is derived from that interest. We are living in the digital age and are all consumers of various brands, our attentions are instantly grabbed when we see brands showcasing their products through great visuals. Less appealing product photos might not perform well when it comes to engaging with audience. How do we make it appealing? That is where Aks Creations comes in. Our sole motive behind starting this business is to cater other businesses with product photography needs. As a photographer and founder of Aks Creations I work with brands to represent their product in the best way possible. 

If you are somebody looking for good product photos for your brand then get in touch and  book us.

Get In Touch

For bookings, appointments & consultations reach out to us at mohsinah.pasha@gmail.com or contact us on our number. For more information kindly visit our ‘Contact Us’ page.